Plein Air in George Rogers Park

I recently rounded out my new plein air kit with a very sturdy Alta Pro tripod from Vanguard that can handle this extra large Yellowstone pochade box from Alla Prima. I also added a fabric tool bag that hangs from the center post. It serves as an anchor weight and has lots of compartments for storing art supplies (and snacks) up off the ground. 

With my kit complete, a fellow artist friend and I struck out last weekend on what was to be my first plein air painting adventure.  

We chose a spot in George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego along a small inlet just off the trail. In addition to a couple of great blue heron, we saw a turtle, an osprey, a duck with ducklings, a killdeer, and even a curious turkey vulture that perched in a tree above us for a while.  

We painted in that spot over two evenings, but I ended up having to finish it up in the studio. Having the right equipment really helped, especially since I am painting in oil. After this experience, I plan to do a lot more painting outdoors this summer.